With the evolution of technology, there are several tech jobs that have popped up over the years and all of these jobs have fancy job titles such as “consultant”, “statistician” or “engineer”. As a result, it is normal for most people to believe that such jobs require a high degree of qualification. It is a known fact that Singapore is a meritocratic society that provides equal opportunities for everyone regardless of cultural differences. With that being said, the conventional notion is that employers in Singapore hire based on academic qualifications. However, the dynamics of Singapore should move towards that for hiring someone who possess the capabilities, attitude and passion rather than someone who acquired the degree just for the sake of getting a job.

As a result, we have compiled a list of jobs that don’t require you to have a fancy degree: 1. Website Development The role of a web developer is to mainly design and uphold the integrity of a website. Part of the job also entails the developer to include interactive user experience so that the websites would not be dull or boring to look at. With that being said, at the end of the day, the website would need to suit the client’s requirement. Although, a certain element of coding is required for this job, the more important factor would be the designing skills that is imperative for this role. Where income is concerned, web developers earn an average income of close to $40,000 a year as per survey done by various agencies such as PayScale and MOM.

  1. Programmer A programmer is someone who develops and maintains software. As a result, they would need to be proficient in coding languages as they would need to write code for the software and ensure that there are fixes being made for bugs that may emerge. Although this role is very coding intensive, a programmer would once again need a high level of perseverance and problem solving skills in order to be successful in this role. A lot of time has to be invested in this role as there is much thinking and testing to be done. On average, a programmer would earn an annual salary of about $50,000.
  2. Cyber Security Another role that is currently much in demand now would be the role of enforcing cyber security for an organisation. With the evolution of technology, we have seen many hackers emerge to scam people and organisations. As a result, every organisation needs a cyber security officer to protect against such attacks that can potentially cripple the organisation. These officers would be required to be up to date with the malware that are being introduced by hackers out there and set up a firewall that would be able to protect against these malware. As a result, this is a very responsibility intensive job and on average the annual salary would be about $76,000.
  3. Application Creator We now have numerous applications on our mobile phones that are available on both Android and Apple operating systems. However, we just use these apps but are unaware of the amount of work and thought that goes into these apps. There is much trial and error that is involved in creating apps which require tremendous amount of time and dedication as an input. The average annual salary for app creators are at $50,000.
  4. Support The support team generally refers to a group of individuals that sit in an organisation and their sole purpose is to solve daily and upcoming issues that are brought to them by software users from other departments. The job of IT support is to then brainstorm on how to solve these issues and then guide the end user with the solution to such issues. This job can get quite nerve wrecking and overwhelming as there is no saying how many different issues are being raised in a single day. To be successful in this role, a lot of patience as well as problem solving skills is needed. The average annual salary for this role is much lower than the other roles discussed above at $41,000.