• High brand consciousness: brand is the most important factor in buying decisions
  1. Well-known brands are of better quality
  2. Expensive products are of better quality (45%; 16% in USA, 8% in Japan)
  • Preference for foreign brands: ages, cities, products
  • But faith in brands not necessarily translates into actual buying
  1. Price sensitive
  2. Point-of-sale promotion
  • Brand loyalty is low
  1. A brand repertoire
  2. Value for money
  3. Changes of brand, curiosity
  • Influence from family and friends: social value of consumption
  • Public face and private thrift: conspicuous and frugal consumers
  • Frequent purchasing and small basket
  • Shopping is an entertainment: experiential consumption (73%)
  • Less formal complaints, but becoming more active
  • Child’s role
  • More informed, sophisticated, mature