Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Analytics District benefit me?

    A degree is no longer enough to be ready for the working world. Analytics District will equip you with all the technical skills required by employers and prepare you for your dream career. We will be constantly updating and increasing the number of courses to ensure that they stay relevant and useful.

  • I am not a Singaporean. Can I get subsidies for your course?

    We believe in equal opportunities for everyone. Whether you are a citizen or foreigners, there should be no barriers to learning. This is why we have a special fund for those who require financing for these courses. Contact us for more information at

  • What do I require before attending your course?

    A working laptop is enough. No prior knowledge is required. Most of our courses are created with beginners in mind. Instructions will be given in class on any additional software required if necessary.

  • I have already finished the course. Can I revisit the materials to refresh my memory?

    Yes! All materials provided will be available to you for life. We do not believe in subscription models and nothing should hinder your lifelong learning process. These materials will be updated to a newer edition when we do a course review every quarterly in order to bring you the most relevant syllabus.